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Date Night Boutique (DNB)

Date Night Boutique (DNB)


YouthPremier Childcare Service

About Us

Here at Date Night Boutique (DNB), we understand that each family we serve is unique and every caregiver is equipped with exceptional skills. We hand select our caregivers and personally match them with your family's specific needs so that everyone thrives. We go the extra mile to provide your family with only the very best childcare solutions. We know that your children are precious, and we also know that every parent could use a lifesaver now and then. We are here to provide you with the quality care that you so richly deserve. DNB was founded in 2010 by Bridget McManus in Winnetka, Illinois. Serving busy families in Chicago and on the North Shore, Bridget and her highly qualified team make your family their number one priority


  • Serving busy families on The North Shore and Chicago since 2010
  • Family Nanny Liaison
  • Personalized Childcare Services
  • All sitters are thoroughly screened and highly qualified and educated
  • Let us be your lifesaver when you need a night out!


Overdue for a romantic rendezvous? Book your Date Night Boutique sitter for a much needed night out!
All Date Night Boutique sitters are highly qualified and educated providing your family with an exceptional childcare service.
Date Night Boutique Child Care Specialists have been serving busy families from Chicago to The North Shore since 2010