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Market Square of Lake Forest

Market Square of Lake Forest


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Be a trendsetter?not a follower?with goods for your home, gifts from your heart, and styles that express your refined self.

Since 1916, this artful collection of upscale shops has been trending among the North Shore?s finest circles. Reminiscent of a quaint European marketplace, Market Square is a signature of accomplishment.

Hallmark shops showcase trending styles. Quaint cafes serve grand gourmet. And hidden alleyways hold seasonal surprises. From fashions and food and gifts of grandeur to celebrations of art, music, and merriment, Market Square compliments your tasteful life.


  • Hallmark shops showcase trending styles
  • Quaint cafes serve grand gourmet


Historical clock tower at Market Square
Architectural "Gingerbread" roof at Market Square
Historic Market Square
Construction (c. 1916) of South Market Square
Construction (c. 1916) of South Market Square
Little Market in Fall
North Market Square (c. 1916)
Market Square Court
Western Avenue (c. 1913)
Left Bank