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Strategic Divorce

Strategic Divorce



About Us

Strategic Divorce is a premier boutique law firm in Lake Forest practicing all aspects of family law. The attorneys at Strategic Divorce possess a wide range of expertise in all divorce/family law related issues, including but not limited to complex financial matters and highly contested custody (now known as allocation of parental responsibilities) cases. Strategic Divorce is sensitive to the unique needs and goals of each client, providing them with the expertise, compassion and support to successfully navigate their way through their legal issues. Although divorce and family law issues can be adversarial and emotionally charged, our firm works diligently to negotiate an amicable resolution of these cases. In the event that a negotiated settlement is not possible, Strategic Divorce attorneys are formidable litigators who will zealously advocate for their clients at trial. The attorneys at Strategic Divorce distinguish themselves from other family law attorneys through their high standards of excellence, professionalism and commitment to achieving optimal results for each and every client.


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